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Sybil Danning in Gallery 1974

By the 1980s, Sybil Danning was a sex symbol. Some of her best known appearances include Malibu Express, Battle Beyond the Stars, Reform School Girls, Chained Heat, They’re Playing with Fire, and an episode of the 1980s TV series V. Danning had her own video line in the 1980s called Adventure Video through USA Home Video. Danning is the host of her own successful special collection of 26 action adventure movies that bear the title Sybil Danning’s Adventure Video for USA Home Video/Carolco/Artisan. Known for her many elaborate costumes, here she was outfitted to suit the various movie themes. In 1989, Danning re-teamed with the producers of Bluebeard, The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, and The Prince and the Pauper to play a succubus on the TV series Superboy.

Bluebeard (1972)


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