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Dian Parkinson is best-known for her work as a model on the long-running TV hit ‘The Price is Right,’ but there’s more to this statuesque stunner than just the ability to point at cars and boats on cue. Dian was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina on November 30, 1944, a Marine brat who moved to Virginia with her military family soon afterwards. Growing up in Virginia, Dian chafed against her strict upbringing, and turned to beauty pageants to help her escape her highly regimented lifestyle. It was a wise choice for the leggy beauty, whose 37-23-37 curves were the kind that never go out of style. Dian won pageants on every level, eventually becoming Miss USA 1965. She continued on to the Miss World Pageant, where Dian was the 1st Runner-Up. Dian’s pageant success led to a stint on Bob Hope’s USO Tour of Vietnam, as well as small parts in a few early 70s TV shows like ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ She also appeared on a memorable Cosmo cover in 1971, showing off the luscious curves that would soon make her famous.Dian joined the cast of ‘Price is Right’ in 1975 and instantly became one of the most popular women on daytime TV. As the most voluptuous and stunning of ‘Barker’s Beauties,’ Dian turned what could have been an all-but-ignored aspect of game shows into a lengthy career. Dian remained on the show until 1993, when she left under an acrimonious cloud.Dian left the show, then sued host Bob Barker for sexual harassment. She claimed that Barker coerced her into sex to keep her job. For his part, Barker denied coercing anyone, and in fact said that it was Parkinson who seduced him. Whatever the truth, it seems clear that Barker and Parkinson enjoyed something of an affair during those last years on the show together. What is clear is that after an initial burst of publicity, Dian dropped the suit.Although she’ll always be known as one of Barker’s Beauties, Dian Parkinson is a multifaceted woman whose sexy star was further burnished by an appearance in the pages of Playboy. The pics proved that she still had what it took to drive men wild, even at the age of fifty. All the men who grew up watching her parade around on daytime TV, Dian Parkinson will always stay the epitome of leggy, luscious blonde femininity.

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