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When is an obession a bad thing ?

Dian Parkinson was one of "Barker's Beauties" on The Price is Right (1975-1993). In the early 1990's Dian Parkinson posed nude for two Playboy pictorials, a Playboy Newsstand Special "Playboy Presents Dian Parkinson". and her own Playboy Celebrity Centerfold video. A year after leaving the show Dian Parkinson sued Bob Barker for sexual harassment.


Scarlett Johansson Full Frontal from “Under the Skin”

Please God be True

Samantha Fox

In early 1983, sixteen-year-old Samantha Fox posed in her bedroom, wearing lingerie, while her mother Carole took pictures for The Sunday People newspaper’s “Face and Shape of 1983″ amateur modeling contest. Fox came joint runner-up in the contest, The Sunday People published her pictures, and a photographer from The Sun newspaper invited her for a professional photo-shoot shortly afterward. On Tuesday, February 22, 1983, with the full support of her parents, Samantha Fox made her first topless Page Three girl appearance in The Sun. She was still almost two months shy of her seventeenth birthday. Fox’s bubbly blonde looks, winning smile, working-class background, and curvaceous 36D breasts, which looked disproportionately large on her diminutive 5 ft 1 in frame, quickly made her an iconic figure. Months after she started modeling, she famously insured her breasts for a quarter of a million pounds sterling. Fox went on to win The Sun’s “Page Three Girl of the Year” award for three consecutive years (1984, 1985, and 1986), and her popularity helped usher in the 1980s taste for top-heavy Page Three girls: Busty models such as the 36DD Tracy Neve and the 38DD Maria Whittaker achieved much success in the wake of Fox’s celebrity. Fox also appeared in soft-porn magazines such as Mayfair, although very few full-frontal nude shots were ever published. Fox announced her retirement from Page Three modeling in 1986, at the age of twenty. In 1995, aged twenty-nine, she made a one-off appearance in The Sun to promote Page Three’s 25th anniversary week. After an overwhelmingly positive reader response, she appeared in the slot every day during the anniversary week, with Friday’s last topless picture given away as an A3-sized poster. In 1996, aged thirty, she appeared in Playboy magazine. These were her final published nude photos.

Rosario Dawson Full Frontal in Trance

ROSARIO DAWSON_CAPS_TRANCE_016In Danny Boyle‘s  film TranceRosario Dawson goes full frontal — complete with her very there, very bare lady bits on full-frontal display for all to see. And while kneejerkists the Internet over may cry foul and/or objectification, it seems far more likely that her character Elizabeth Lamb’s date with the razor was the movie’s biggest puzzle piece. An artful moment that ultimately was the dime on which the film turned.


Brigitte Bardot Upskirt

Geri Halliwell early nudes

Geri Halliwell is a British singer who is world-famous thanks to her alter ego “Ginger Spice” who was part of the mega popular nineties “band” Spice Girls.

Before Geri Halliwell was a Spice Girl she was a nude model with aspirations to become a singer. She found four other women who had similar aspirations and together they formed the machine that was The Spice Girls (The other four were Victoria Beckham, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, and Melanie Brown).

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